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Steel Housing prospects how to
Source:Laing Time:2015-10-08
In some developers view, the current technology used in residential steel premature. There are developers said, steel does have irreplaceable advantages of traditional building materials, but in the choice of building materials, developers first need to consider the feasibility of the product and the market. And now, the development of such products have a certain market risks. Therefore, we will not choose steel for residential construction materials, but not exclusive, will be selected according to the needs of the market. But Yu Hai group opinion, the reason why steel housing promotion blocked, cost is not the key issue, mainly due to maintenance, and the main structure of connection technology is not mature, resulting in the concept of the people is not acceptable, and believe inferior concrete structure housing strong. Therefore, currently on the market so-called steel housing, pure steel building is relatively small, mostly concrete and steel hybrid structure.
      For this reason, experts suggest that domestic steel residential construction in the current process of development, we must do a good job of maintaining the structure of the work, strict supervision of production and quality of connection elements, the actual project by clearly white, so that people get real and transparent To understanding. Meanwhile, we should in residential comfort and durability make efforts so that people live at ease and peace of mind.

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