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Materials needed steel plant in Dongguan and precautions
Source:Laing Time:2015-10-08
Problems mentioned in the steel plant in Dongguan, steel load is divided into two types, one is power, there is a static force. Many customers bought consumer groups when the material can not start, then we should be how to buy the right to purchase and use these stuff? Of course, then choose the most suitable material according to the load characteristics described at the time of purchase materials, attention must be made with a certain quality requirements. Often the words of choice than to, for direct pressure to undertake core member selection and application load, quality and appropriate use is necessary.
     Plastic limit and stiffness of steel materials with the temperature lift, at a relatively low temperature weather especially when the temperature is high when the low stiffness are the most vulnerable members, this must pay attention to the proper use of steel coatings, however, For some projects at a relatively low temperature, the special needs of a large number of welded structure, be sure to use chemical materials to balance the temperature of the steel structure to ensure the stiffness of steel, the best case is to use screws to secure the load in welding engineering.
     Plant member welded portion:
     When welding steel, in the entire project in the welding operation, add paint this point is very central part, uneven added or more and low, the temperature of the member is quite different, for the project will bring some the impact member in the welding temperature is too high, some of the cracks and floor welding these problems are unavoidable, however, the quality of welded steel engineering quality requirements must be likened to do some simple projects more comprehensive. Use component materials must be of high precision now, so load limit and firmness will be relatively good point.

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