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 corporate vision
Full learning enterprise green eco-sustainable development of enterprise-oriented enterprises
Corporate Strategy
Optimization and moderate development of iron and steel industry to develop non-steel industry
Actively and steadily promote capital operation as soon as they become bigger and stronger Laiwu
The spirit of enterprise
Beyond leading learning
Win-win sharing forever
Corporate purposes
Cast iron and steel for the backbone of a well-off society
Corporate Ethics
And seek common development with customers and employees to create brilliant
Corporate style corporate image
Strict fine real fast excellence to peer convince world attention
Traditional enterprise business philosophy
Systems thinking creativity in unity and hard work of reform and innovation top-notch
H-beam building construction kingdom Millennium Peace Building
Strict fine is the cornerstone of our scientific management
Step behind that failure
Leading is ahead is wealth
Slow as a jealous hatred fast action
To courageously as the industry leader
Work is beautiful
Dedication of thousands of cast iron and steel backbone mansions
Win-win benefit CREDIBILITY
Environment is a resource environment is productivity

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